How it started?

I’ve been crazy about fabrics all my life. Looking back, I should have done something in the textile business, such as becoming a furniture upholsterer …. but dreams do not go away. During one of my journeys, I fell in love with hand-printed block print fabrics. The ancient tradition and cultural aspect of the designs make these products unique. The irregularities in the patterns match the way I want to live. Beautiful in detail and imperfection!


Indian heritage designs

By chance, my path crossed Indu Kapalhi. When I saw her designs and soft cotton fabrics I knew: this is the beginning of rozablue! Indu is an artist at heart and gets her inspiration from flowers, patterns, wall paintings from ancient temples and palaces in India. She redesigns them in a modern and stylish way. The designs are carved in wooden blocks and printed on good quality cotton fabrics.


Rozablue, shades of blue and pink

I combine Indu’s designs with interior and lifestyle products in the colorful shades of roza & blue. They are inspired by the bright cheerful colors that you see everywhere in the streets in India. I love these colors, they make your house a home!


Fairtrade handmade with love

All fabrics are handprinted and made by highly skilled artisans: pillows, luxury bedding and linen, cheerful beach bags, colorful tablecloths and warm quilts. Blockprinting is the most beautiful form of creativity. The block printers work with a lot of dedication and precision. By selling these products, rozablue supports the employees and their families. And we ensure that the ancient tradition of blockprinting will be preserved.


Karlijn van Driel

Owner & founder rozablue

Foto: Karlijn van Driel and Indu Kapahli, owner & founder Inka Homecrafts